Talks on Christian Science

Talks on Christian Science

“A spiritual revolution: The quest to experience God”

My current talk explores the search for individual meaning and purpose, an important topic I have spent most of my adult life studying. Only through the understanding of spirituality from a Christian Science perspective and its application in my own life, as well as my patients, have I gained a sense of peace, fulfillment, and satisfying happiness.

In my experience, there are many individuals who feel disconnected, lost, even empty inside while going through their daily lives. They are willing to consider a power or influence larger than themselves, a power to lean on for help no matter what the situation. But they don’t necessarily want to know about God – they want to experience God with a relationship that is relevant and, yes, meaningful.

This is the “spiritual revolution” I discuss in my lecture. It’s a rebellion against the limits of what the physical senses can give us, do for us, and tell us about our nature and our life. It’s a quest for spirituality that completely changes one’s perspective about life, and as a result, offers meaning, peace, physical cure & healing, and fulfillment.

“…Christian Science meets a yearning of the human race for spirituality.” —Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 11.

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