Science and Health

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

“One of 75 books by women whose words have changed the world.” —National Women’s Book Association

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy has been changing lives for the better for generations…a must for all spiritual seekers. The last chapter is letters written to the author by individuals who were healed of all types of difficulties just by reading the book!

Science and Health taught me the meaning of spiritual healing. My dear friend and Christian Science practitioner brought me the book after a devastating cancer diagnosis and invasive surgery. I was unable to eat and full of fear about the possibility of recovery. She offered me the book and when I asked where to begin, she simply said, “Just read it.” After she left, I opened the book and arbitrarily began reading. The language seemed archaic and formal but soon after I began to feel the words jumping off the page as if they were written just for me. I fell asleep after reading for a while and when I awakened the darkness within had lifted and I felt an excitement and a ‘knowing’ that something significant had happened. I promptly got up, went to the kitchen, and ate an entire plate of food without any difficulty. It was a subtle yet overwhelmingly powerful experience. I feel so grateful for the unlocked potential of this incredible book.” —Annie, NY

Science and Health has helped countless individuals from diverse backgrounds, faith traditions, and spiritual practices find permanent healing and cure from many of life’s problems—physical, mental, emotional, relationship, financial, and more—helping them gain “new views of divine goodness and love.” The ideas in this book meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and help move you forward. Meeting the author heart-to-heart in Science and Health has healed and transformed the lives of thousands. It unlocked the door to spirituality for me and can for you too!

“For many, Science and Health has become a reference book for life.” —Amazon editorial review

Lives Touched

The last chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures entitled “Fruitage,” contains stories of individuals whose lives were touched, transformed and healed just by reading the book. They wrote to the author, Mary Baker Eddy, to express their gratitude and she published their letters as she received them. As one of those individuals wrote, “Only those who have been held in such bondage and have been liberated by the same means, can know the eager joy of the first perusal of that wonderful book.”

Below are a few contemporary stories of lives touched by reading Science and Health.