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  • Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher
  • Public Speaker on spirituality and health, prayer, healing, and forgiveness to both the public and professional healthcare audiences


  • Faculty member of Harvard Medical School’s Conference, Spirituality and Healing in Medicine
  • Manager of the program Spirituality and Healthcare for the world-wide Christian Science Church
  • National Sales Manager for the publisher of Science and Health making the book more widely available to spiritual seekers
  • Psychotherapist in a psychiatric clinic, family service agency and major corporations
  • Private psychotherapy practice including work as a licensed marriage and family therapist
  • Corporate Trainer

Have you ever wondered if there had to be more to life than what you were experiencing? Looked into different spiritual practices and healing methods? I sure have, in fact, a few years into my career as a psychotherapist, despite professional accomplishments and having achieved everything I had been told would make me happy, I still had this empty feeling inside, was dissatisfied and restless. I was yearning for a deeper meaning and purpose for my life and to fill the emptiness with something lasting. That’s when I was introduced to the teachings of Christian Science through Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. While reading it, I was deeply touched by what it told me about my spiritual identity and inherent right to be free from all the things that I was struggling with. I had this incredible feeling of having come home. It was a total “game changer,” and after that, nothing was the same.

The transformation I’ve experienced as a result of cultivating my spirituality has been significant and substantial. Since I began the study and practice of Christian Science, I’ve gained a deeper and clearer understanding of my life’s meaning and purpose. I’ve been cured of physical difficulties and healed of the heartache of dissolving a long-term marriage. I have also developed an enduring sense of security and peace. Some years later after much soul-searching and spiritual growth I decided to leave my work as a psychotherapist to focus completely on spirituality and healing. I then began my spiritual healing practice helping others and later became a teacher of Christian Science.

My devotion to helping others has never wavered. Today, I’m committed full-time to helping and healing others as a Christian Science practitioner and to teaching and mentoring my students and other spiritual seekers as they cultivate their spiritual life and healing practice. I’d love to learn your story and support your journey Spiritward. Get in touch!



I found Giulia when a persistent problem was more than I could deal with. I was met with a voice and manner that was clear, warm, and loving. When I told her my poor vision made it difficult to read, Giulia reassured me that it wasn’t what I read, but what I reflected as God’s child that gave me freedom and joy. This really helped me to lift my thought from the belief of “a problem” and left me with the security of being in Love’s care. I have felt that same sense of God’s love at subsequent times when I have called Giulia for help.

Zoe, Dynamic Retiree

Our family has experienced very quick healings while relying on Christian Science treatment with Giulia’s prayerful support. Recently, one morning I called Giulia when our son was complaining of a painful ankle and using crutches to get around. By the end of the day our son came bounding into the house and announced that he was all better and the crutches were forgotten.

Liz, Busy Mom


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