Christian Science

What is Christian Science?

You don’t have to think of yourself as religious or belong to any denomination to experience the transforming and beneficial effects of Christian Science.  Many have found that as they open themselves up to its inspiring message of health, wholeness and love and begin to assimilate its teachings into their lives, they start to experience a level of freedom and inner peace they never thought possible.

Christian Science is a prayer-based healing system that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Its teachings give a life-changing perspective on our identity—our origin, purpose and potential. It helps us to understand the spiritual relationship we all have with the all-good, Supreme Being, God and how this relationship can be experienced in practical ways in our daily lives.

Based on the life and teachings of Jesus, Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in the mid-19th century and is fully explained in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Eddy was an avid Bible student, and extraordinary effective spiritual healer and teacher, and pioneer in the field of spirituality and healing.


Mary Baker Eddy

“One of the most remarkable women the world has ever known.”

Mary Baker Eddy’s entire life was a deep and heartfelt response to the sufferings of others and humanity’s yearning for spirituality.

As a 19th century woman she overcame tremendous personal obstacles and professional barriers to mbebecome a pioneer in the field of spirituality and healing, herself being an extraordinarily effective spiritual healer and teacher. She was also an avid student of the Bible who was inspired at a young age to understand more about God and Jesus.

Eddy was a religious leader, reformed and church founder. She established a college to teach spiritual healing and she also established an international publishing enterprise that includes the Pulitzer-prize winning Christian Science Monitor newspaper that continues today. These were remarkable accomplishments for anyone, but even more so for a woman in the 19th and early 20th century.

Her life has been and continues to be an inspiration to countless individuals. She can be for you too…get to know her. You will be glad you did.