A Reason for Hope

In the wake of recent events in the US, I’ve thought a lot about a favorite Bible passage: “…I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the Lord.” To me, this is saying that our Father-Mother God has given every one of us a heart to know our Creator. That we have a heart to know love–not fear or hate. A heart to know joy—not sorrow or grief. A heart to know peace—not chaos and confusion. The divine impulse of Love in our hearts that leads towards health, harmony and wholeness tells of the genuine, spiritual nature of every one of us. It reveals our inherent love of and for goodness. I’m hopeful that the more we strive to live our spirituality individually and collectively, step by step, that which is in opposition to this spiritual nature will diminish until it finally disappears​. And our inherent love of and for goodness ​will be more widely known and experienced. ​