You Are Not Alone

Are you feeling a call to go deeper? To connect with the divine? Experience better health and healing? The answers you seek are within your reach! You can be happier, healthier, and more at peace.

I’ve experienced that kind of transformation in my own life and have helped many others experience it. I would love to help you achieve it too.

I heard this great story that gets right to the heart of my approach to health and healing. Picture the scene: an airport gate area packed with frustrated, angry passengers whose flight has been delayed and who are not getting a whole lot of information. (Sound familiar?) An irate man approaches the counter attendant attempting to bully her and says in a loud voice, “Do you have any idea who I am?” The attendant looks at him, smiles, and then calmly gets on the loudspeaker and announces, “We have a passenger in the gate area who doesn’t know who he is. Could anyone who might be able to identify this passenger please come to the counter?”

Funny, yet thought-provoking. Have you ever asked yourself that question? Who am I? What’s my genuine identity and purpose? I sure have! The healing method that answered that question for me, changed every area of my life for the better, and is the basis of this website, is Christian Science.

Since beginning the study and practice of Christian Science, I have been cured of numerous and varied physical difficulties all without drugs or surgery; been healed of the heartache of dissolving a long-term marriage; gained a deeper and clearer understanding of my life’s meaning and purpose; and developed an enduring sense of peace and satisfaction.

This biblically based healing method is essentially about the steady transformation of how you think and see things—from seeing yourself and all creation from a material perspective to looking at yourself and all things from a spiritual point of view. (New eyes!) Each one of us can, step by step, find practical help for any of life’s problems by making this shift in perspective. As your mental viewpoint changes and you live in accord with it, your outward experience changes resulting in healing.

Prayer is foundational to helping us do this and from my experience it is the ultimate healing remedy. The all-good power and presence I call God, Mind, Spirit, Love—you can call it whatever you are comfortable with—is always with you ready to help.

Powerful healing and real answers are within your reach. Get in touch. I’ll tell you how. Let’s journey on together!