Journeying Together

I was talking with a friend not long ago about the subject of spirituality. I told him how often I hear from others about how dissatisfied they are with their lives and how they are longing for a greater and more reliable sense of happiness, health and harmony for themselves and their loved ones. I also shared with him how my first-hand experience has convinced me that indeed there is a power greater than ourselves—call it Spirit, God, Good, Higher Power, Christ, Love—whatever feels right for you—that is a tangible, practical presence and reliable influence for good in our daily lives that we all can access.

He said that for him, spirituality seems so abstract that it would be wonderful to hear how it can be grounded in lives lived! Being an open-minded life-long learner, he thought that perhaps he could learn from others’ examples things that would be helpful to him—maybe even find answers to the questions he’s struggling with and ways to overcome the adversities challenging him. In other words, how to make spirituality relevant and practical in his day-to-day life. Well my friend, open2spirituality and this blog are dedicated to you and all the other open-hearted seekers out there who have a similar sentiment and desire. Let’s expect that together we will find some answers.